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YES I WILL - 3/29/19

For all the promises of God find their Yes in Him. That is why it is through Him that we utter our Amen to God for His glory. 
2 Corinthians 1:20

A few years ago I started thinking about writing a one word song to the Lord.   What would it be? It’s a good discipline to write less into songs and not have to overcompensate with words to say something simply - but to say it in one word, well that is ultimate simplicity.  And quite a challenge. Because this would represent my heart, to the Lord. One word.

After a thinking through number of contending words, I chose the word “yes”. 

“Yes” seemed to be the word I wanted to give to God.  There is an implied yielding of will that comes with the word...a willingness to be directed and guided.  A submission to His greater understanding and His plan. A simple willingness that even a child can grasp and yearn for.  The “pick me, pick me” for your team, that I wanted to say to Jesus. Hand held high, I wanted to express to him that I would be willing to be available, follow, and trust what and where he would have me go.  

And I’m not alone.  The Bible shares stories of Abraham, Moses, Samuel, Isaiah, and, in the New Testament, Ananias, who says to God, “Here I am.” They didn’t have the challenge of using just one word and I’ll allow their choice of three to express themselves.  Eessentially it is what I wanted to say, too, “Here I am, Lord, pick me! Let me be the one! YES. To whatever. I’m in.” All of these men of faith were used to bless and further the kingdom in radical ways. I want to do that too.

Yes feels safe to say to the Lord. He won’t ask me to do something that will hurt me, and His plans for me are to prosper me (Jer 29:11).  So if I give him my ‘yes’, how could I go wrong? In fact, it is such a powerful word, all the promises find their yes in Christ. All of them.  ‘Yes’ is found in Christ and promises await.

What I didn’t foresee is that ‘yes’ is also a dangerous word. I found quickly that He didn’t just want my yes when the yes suited me or brings the completion of blessings and promises, but He wanted my yes when He led me into the wilderness (like Abraham), and across a valley floor (like Moses).  He wanted my yes when it meant that I would not get any recognition for saying it to Him (like Isaiah). He wanted my yes when it may cost me something I value or scares me (like Samuel and Ananias). Saying ‘yes’ to God is a choice and doesn’t discriminate circumstances--good or bad--it is a compliance to His plan.  Regardless of the circumstances that arise because--or in spite--of obedience to Him, ‘yes’ is a powerful word to utter to God. “Yes” can alter the course of history.

It’s our choice to make, and requires follow through on our part.  God can’t be mocked - so he won’t just take yes for an answer - it will be followed with a step of faith; an action to signify that your yes is actually a yes.  Once you say, “pick me” with your hand held high, you will be put on the team and expected to play; just like the heavy hitters in the Bible. But what I have discovered as result of yielding my will to His plan is that I am met with His presence, His protection, His delight, sometimes even His blessing. Always an increased faith in His goodness follows my “yes”. The insight and intimacy I gain in knowing God’s character far outweighs the circumstances around me--good or bad--every single time. And He walks with me (Deu 31:6) whether it be through the highest or lowest valley, and just that is worth the journey.

Today might be the day to turn a ‘no’ or a ‘I’m not sure’ into a ‘yes’ and see what is waiting on the other side. Matthew 4:19 says, and He said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”  Jesus is asking for your “yes” to follow Him. It’s a choice. He asks everyone to make it.  If you have decided to follow him, your answer to all the circumstances is already decided for you and the gains will far outweigh the circumstances. Every. Single. Time.

Let the song ‘Yes I Will’ be an anthem to glorify the Lord, as it has been for me. It is reminding us of the unfailing, always faithful, merciful and grace filled goodness of God. And as an act of praise, give Him the gift of counting your ‘yeses’ and accounting them to your relationship with Him as you seek to draw nearer to Him everyday.  

Why Original Songs? - 3/22/19

We live in a day & age where it seems new songs are being pumped out every day.  Every generation of the church has had it’s own style of music & cannon of songs, and it has never all come from the same place.  Over and over again, God has decided to use believers from all across the world, across different denominations, to be a mouthpiece for what He wants to speak to the current culture. 

Sometimes it can be hard teaching our church new songs, especially those in our church who have some attachment to the ‘oldie but goldies.’ However, when we lead our congregations in learning new songs, we’re leading them in something God desires. 

Psalm 96:1 says ‘Sing to the Lord a new song.’ Then in the throne room of heaven, Revelation 5:9 says the elders ‘sang a new song’ to the Lord. 

The beautiful thing about songwriting is that it isn’t something we’ve just come up with on our own, singing new songs to the Lord is something He actually wants. 

He desires new songs, He delights in new songs, so ‘let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of the lips that acknowledge His name.’ Let’s worship God with new songs.